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for the truck guys


Club meeting was last night. Missed you being there. It is now less than a month away from the car show and the final planning is in the works. We now have a back up plan in the event of precipitation but is WILL NOT need to be implemented. We will be meeting again at the park on Thursday May 28th to cover anything that we have overlooked. Brian brought a few of the specialty awards (see above).  Memorial day is this coming Monday so I will take this opportunity to wish everyone a safe and enjoyable weekend and thank our Armed Services for their devotion to protect our lives and country. 


Thursday the 21st is the monthly meeting at Harbin Park at 7:00 pm. We would like everyone to join in on the planning for the Renegade car show. Please plan to attend if at all possible. Looks like this weekend will be a wet one so it would be a great time to shine them up in the safety of the garage.