Brian Starr

I have been an avid classic car lover since I was young. Mopars have always caught my eye ESPECIALLY Dodge Darts. I enjoy attending car shows and cruise-ins with my family

Pat Jimmar

At an early age, about 5 years old, my father use to let me set on his lap and steer the car while he applied the gas and brake. When I was 14 years old, my father gave me my first car a '57 Chevy. From that point on, I had always been hooked on cars. My favorite car is a Corvette and always will be.

Rich Feola   Started with cars hanging out with my brother and his friends going to ATCO drag way in New Jersey on weekend in the mid 60's. Currently own a Velocity Yellow, 2007 C6 Z51 Corvette Coupe. Enjoy having fun and sharing experiences with club members. Another hobby is my 477 die car/truck collection, which includes muscle cars, Indy 500 Pace Cars, TV/ Movie and others.

Terry Dews  I have always wanted to be in a car club, as a kid I put together all types of models. cars my favorite was the Mustang I 'm very fortunate. To own one

Terry & Perry Dillingham  (twins)

Growing up we always had a passion for cars. From playing with Hot Wheels, to slot cars to weekends at the drag strip, muscle cars will always be a part of our life. 

we are renegades

John Heisler

Michael Noschang

Grew up with a father who worked at GM so when it came to buying a nice sports car for a business tax write off the choices were limited. After getting the Corvette and personalizing it I started taking it to car shows and that is where I ran into the Renegades. Great group of guys who love their cars so I decided if you can't beat them then join them. That's what I did.

Donovan Washington

I'm a native of Cincinnati. I work for the government as a contract manager at the EPA. I have been blessed to be married to Alesha for ten years. We don't have kids but we have a beautiful Yorky named Simba. Our newest family member is a '67 Chevelle SS. We've had her for four years and I've done several mods to make her safe and reliable. I've been a car enthusiast since I was a kid.

Leroy Millender

I Retired from Ford Sharonville Plant after 45 years. Live in Madisonville played tennis for 35 years and taught tennis to kids 10 years. I retired in 2008 bought a 2000 Lighting and not look back. I try to go to a lot of shows I love my  " work truck "

Brian Minniefield

I have been into cars for along time. i have always wanted a sport truck. So Ford Motor Company helped me out LOL

I'm also a family man with a wife & son and a DOG!!

OHSAA: Basketball, Baseball, Football, peace and God Bless

Brad Spears

Went from fast motorcycles to fast cars. Owned lots of cars. My first sports car and I love it. Whats next?

The Drama Queen!

Brian Coney

Always loved classic cars. Dream car was a 1969 Camaro - Finally bought one in 2012. Love working on it whenever I can, driving the crap out of it and taking it to cruise-ins and car shows.

Adam Zuleger I find myself unique in this club as I am the youngest member. I did not grow up around cars. I do not come from any car background. I went to a Chevy dealership when I was 21 looking to buy a new Silverado. However, they caught me looking at a Camaro and insisted I test drove it. That was that. Left in the Camaro that day. I've been in love with Camaro's, muscle, and pony cars ever since.  I have mastered the Camaro, I can tell you anything about them past to present. I've managed to build myself a pretty unique Camaro. You won't see any more like mine.

Ron Sexton

Started cars with my fathers salvage yard and used car lot. From 16 years old my first car was a '67 Camaro. Then it spread from there.

Mike Roth

First off, I have worked for Ford motor company for 21 years and have always loved Mustangs. And having a need for speed is where the heavily modified 1000hp GT500 comes in. And it being my 9th Mustang, I guess I bleed  Ford Blue. I do love all American made muscle cars.

Brian Boggs

I grew up around cars thanks to my father I remember him and my uncle bent over a 70's Nova installing intake, carb and cam , first time I ever realized what "Plumbers crack " was, from that point on I enjoyed the variety of cars that came & went. I got my turn when I got the first car. I modified the exhaust. I'm sure I gained some kind of horsepower out of that 4 cylinder. I moved up from those days to an 8 cylinder. I give thanks to my father for the wisdom and common sense to be able to enjoy this hobby and lifestyle to its fullist.

Steve Chaney

My love of mustangs started back in High School when "with the help of my father" got my 67 Mustang in 1982. it's been a long process for a restoration from 1984 to 2012. I'm really enjoying getting " Trigger" back on the road. It brings me right back to my high school days. Even though I am ford guy I love all types of American muscle cars. The Renegades have brought me to a club that tries to make a difference and fellowship. I'm enjoying my summer at car shows with family and new friends.

Terry & Elaine Mahurin

My love for cars started at the age of 5 sitting on my grandfathers lap steering his car. I started with muscle cars in high school with a 68' Chevelle SS. From there it was onto Corvette's, Challenger's and Camaro's. Our current 2010 Camaro SS is a daily driver that we truly enjoy. I enjoy going to car shows, cruise-in's, racing and meeting people. When not doing car events we enjoy spending time with family and friends.

Steve & Valerie Crowe

Love good cars, good people, and good times.

Tracy Powers

I love Mustangs, owned first Mustang a 1966 convertible. I have three kids and they all love all cars.

Dale Power Jr

Growing up my dad had a 1963 Impala 4DR small block. Then he bought a 1969 Chevelle couple small block. Then when I was 18 I got a 1972 Chevelle 350 & a 1970 Dodge Challenger 340 now I have 1972 Chevelle SS BIG BLOCK 468 & a 2010 Dodge Challenger ( bought new ) SRT8 6.1 HEMI

Tammy Zuleger

I'm a very outgoing, witty, compassionate person. I love the clubs family unity which is what I stand for. I am married for 33 years and have 4 awesome children and love to join in to help others. I love laughing and my car is awesome to me, nothing better than a joy ride every day.

Andre' Hughes

I have always loved cars. I've been into cars since a little boy and want my kids to be into cars. I have a 1969 Camaro and a 1970 Monte Carlo. We like going to car shows. I love photography and taking lots of pictures. I would like to be a famous photographer.

Paul Krimmer  

It started back in 1981 with a 1978 Chevy Camaro white hard top 6 cylinder. I kept that car for three years and sold it. One night I had a dream to buy a black convertible and make it over. And now I have the car of my dreams.

Jeff Harrison

2 Boys 24 & 26. Live in Bridgetown, Ohio Loved cars all my life. Work at Chrysler-Dodge-Jeep -Ram Dealership. Working on an 1984 Dodge Daytona Turbo Z. I have owned from New. Enjoy car shows in the summer and Hockey games in the winter.

Eugene WIggins.

Love to be around good people.

Jeff Hogue

I am a huge car enthusiast and have been since I was a kid. I served four years in the US Air Force and lived in Phoenix AZ for 8 years. I moved back to OH in 2008 and met the woman of my dreams in 2009. We are getting marride in Sept of 2015. I love meeting new people and I believe I would really enjoy being a member of the Renegades.

Elmer Boggs I blame my parents. When I was 6 they gave me an Erector set. It had lots of pieces, a motor (big mistake),& gears. I never got enough of making & improving. Many cars have gone thru me with slight changes (kids are expensive) until I reached a time when I could get serious about my "toys". My wonderful wife has allowed me to actively pursue whatever dream or vision I have with cars. I like balance, bling, beauty, & bunches of HP. A car is a reflection of your imagination.I have a really good imagination.My motto? Man can never have enough horsepower!

Rob Mauk   My name is Rob Mauk and like others in the club, i have been around /working on cars my whole life. My passion for cars is shared by my wife Dawn and son Wesley. We have been doing car shows/cruises for the last 14 years and the one thing we enjoy the most ... is the people . It is my privilege to help charities and  and serve the community at these events, that's what its all about.

Bruce Suggs

I have had a passion for cars since a young age. My first muscle car was a '69 Mach 1 Mustang. That passion still continues with me attending car shows, Nascar, NHRA, and other motor sport activities.

Scott Beasley

Years ago I wrecked my daily driver and quickly replace it with a Ford Expedition. The truck was bone stock and I felt it could be so much more i customized the truck inside and out transforming the Expedition into the Legandary "GATOR EXPO".